Hummingbird Design

Cheryl Powell

'My goal as an artist is to isolate images which create an emotional reaction for me. I want others to see these wonderful things as I see them. There are so many exciting things that go unnoticed - I try to find what is special about a subject and strengthen it - point it out through the use of color, value and composition.

-Cheryl Powell


PLACE OF BIRTH: Pittsburgh, PA
As a child, drawing and making things was a big part of my life. Our family was a creative lot, making and building things out of whatever we had. I learned to sew and made lots of my own clothes from about the age of 12. I spent hours drawing at home and art class was my favorite part of school - the art room was where I hid during the dreaded "PEP" rallies! What a great day it was when I went to college to be with like-minded folks!


EDUCATION: Pratt Institute-1967-68 Fashion Design

Carnegie-Mellon University - BFA in Graphic Design 1972

Syracuse University - Master of Arts in Illustration 1998

Although my formal education was in Graphic Design, I began painting when I relocated to Winston-Salem, NC in 1978. I studied with several local artists during the 1980's.

At that time, I had settled on watercolor as my favorite medium. However, inspired by what I learned in a week long plein-air pastel workshop with Bob Rohm in the Spring of 2000 I began painting outdoors with pastels and oils.

I also paint in the studio from photos and/or my plein air studies.

Another love of mine is figurative painting and drawing and I try to gain experience by working from the model as much as possible.

Private Study: Studied with Bob Rohm, Doug Dawson, Ralph Oberg, Scott Burdick, Susan Lyon, Margaret Dyer, Steve Childs, Dee Beard Dean, Marc Hanson, and D. Eleinne Basa.